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The Why We Do campaign aims to share the stories of our Canadian National Snowboard Team athletes about why they train the way they do. Why they gravitate towards the lifestyle of a professional snowboarder. Why they travel to unique places chasing the snow. And why they want to become the best in their discipline.
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Snowboarding Favourite person to ride with? Mike Robertson, Jake Holden, Justin Pasutto, Dan Csokonay, Adam Robertson. We used to get pretty wild back in the day.   Where’s your favourite place to shred? Anywhere where the snow is deep and the terrain is challenging.   Who inspires you? My Mom and Dad are atop the huge list. They have done more for me than anyone else and the amount of support they have...

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Kevin Hill

Snowboarding Favourite person to ride with? Anyone who likes to push me to try new things.     Where’s your favourite place to shred? All the amazing resorts in Austria.   Who inspires you? Guys like Mark McMorris and Shaun White who are always pushing the limits.   What has snowboarding taught you? That you can live a good life enjoying what you do if you work hard and never give up.     How do you mentally prepare yourself...

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Evan Bichon

How did you get into snowboarding? I got into snowboarding at a very young age; my first time on a board was when I was five or six years old. My dad was the first person to teach me snowboarding, he skied most of his life and wanted to try snowboarding so he taught himself first. After he knew a few of the basics he took me...

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