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The Why We Do campaign aims to share the stories of our Canadian National Snowboard Team athletes about why they train the way they do. Why they gravitate towards the lifestyle of a professional snowboarder. Why they travel to unique places chasing the snow. And why they want to become the best in their discipline.
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Snowboarding Favourite person to ride with? Mark Fawcett keeps it fun and pushes you!     Where’s your favourite place to shred? Rev!!! I love to go heli boarding at Revelstoke with the eagle pass.   Who inspires you? My entire team inspires me, watching them ride pushes me to try harder each day.   What has snowboarding taught you? That there is life after a major injury and no matter what, the only person that can limit...

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Michelle Salt

Snowboarding Favourite person to ride with? John Leslie, Quentin and Chris Cannady.   Photo: Evan Applegate   Where’s your favourite place to shred? Lake Louise and Mt Bachelor, especially on a powder day.   Who inspires you? Spencer O'Brien and Kaillie Humphries. Both are strong women and incredible athletes.   What has snowboarding taught you? To appreciate Mother Nature and to always have fun no matter the circumstances.   Photo: Evan Applegate   How do you mentally prepare yourself for a contest/race? I...

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John Leslie

How did you get into snowboarding? I got into snowboarding at around ten years old. My mom had always been a skier and got me into ski racing as a young kid. It was a lot of fun, but when I started to see snowboarders I wanted to do that. Unfortunately I had to deal with that cancer thing for a season, which totally screwed my...

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