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The Why We Do campaign aims to share the stories of our Canadian National Snowboard Team athletes about why they train the way they do. Why they gravitate towards the lifestyle of a professional snowboarder. Why they travel to unique places chasing the snow. And why they want to become the best in their discipline.
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National Team



Snowboarding Favourite person to ride with? Mike Robertson, Jake Holden, Justin Pasutto, Dan Csokonay, Adam Robertson. We used to get pretty wild back in the day.   Where’s your favourite place to shred? Anywhere where the snow is deep and the terrain is challenging.   Who inspires you? My Mom and Dad are atop the huge list. They have done more for me than anyone else and the amount of support they have...

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Michelle Salt

Snowboarding Favourite person to ride with? John Leslie, Quentin and Chris Cannady.   Photo: Evan Applegate   Where’s your favourite place to shred? Lake Louise and Mt Bachelor, especially on a powder day.   Who inspires you? Spencer O'Brien and Kaillie Humphries. Both are strong women and incredible athletes.   What has snowboarding taught you? To appreciate Mother Nature and to always have fun no matter the circumstances.   Photo: Evan Applegate   How do you mentally prepare yourself for a contest/race? I...

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Mercedes Nicoll

Snowboarding Where’s your favourite place to shred? Whistler/Blackcomb. It’s my backyard and the best place I’ve found so far!     Who inspires you? Every day different people inspire me. It could be kids having fun, someone smiling, or a friend pushing their limits. It’s easy to find inspiration in so many places.   What has snowboarding taught you? Snowboarding has taught me the importance of an extended family. I’ve had the opportunity to...

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John Leslie

How did you get into snowboarding? I got into snowboarding at around ten years old. My mom had always been a skier and got me into ski racing as a young kid. It was a lot of fun, but when I started to see snowboarders I wanted to do that. Unfortunately I had to deal with that cancer thing for a season, which totally screwed my...

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Kevin Hill

Snowboarding Favourite person to ride with? Anyone who likes to push me to try new things.     Where’s your favourite place to shred? All the amazing resorts in Austria.   Who inspires you? Guys like Mark McMorris and Shaun White who are always pushing the limits.   What has snowboarding taught you? That you can live a good life enjoying what you do if you work hard and never give up.     How do you mentally prepare yourself...

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Calynn Irwin

Snowboarding Favourite person to ride with? Really anyone who wants to explore the mountain and has a positive attitude!   Where’s your favourite place to shred? My favorite place to snowboard is Whistler Blackcomb. There is so much terrain, you can really ride whatever you want. There aren’t very many places like that.     Who inspires you? Torah Bright and Kelly Clark. Torah has hands down the best style in girls snowboarding and...

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Max Parrot

How did you get into snowboarding? I started skiing in Bromont, where I still live, when I was 2 years old and at the age of 8, my best friend got a snowboard for Christmas. I completed the season on my skis and when summer came, I mowed my neighbour’s lawns to earn enough money to buy my snowboard.   Is there a rider you look up to? The...

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Brooke Voigt

Everyone has that one thing in life that they want more than anything. It’s what drives them and motivates them every single day. What’s your thing? I don’t really want something out of it, I really just feel like I have so much I haven't done and accomplished yet. I know I’m capable of more and that’s what drives me.   Photo: Tyler Ashbee   What has been your biggest obstacle...

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Jenna Blasman

Why do snowboard? I snowboard because it lets me find joy in challenging myself every day. I also couldn’t live without constantly being surrounded by mountains- it’s very humbling.     Photos: Tyler Ashbee   What's the best part of 'living the life' of a pro snowboarder? Travelling the world is the best thing ever! I am so grateful to get to push myself everyday and reach new limits while soaking in...

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