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The Why We Do campaign aims to share the stories of our Canadian National Snowboard Team athletes about why they train the way they do. Why they gravitate towards the lifestyle of a professional snowboarder. Why they travel to unique places chasing the snow. And why they want to become the best in their discipline.
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Author:Canada Snowboard


Baily McDonald

How did you get into snowboarding? I got into snowboarding from skiing at the age of 4 with the help of my parents. Then I started to skateboard and actually got quite good at it, from there skateboarding inspired me to start snowboarding.   What’s your favourite part about competing? My favourite part about competing is probably the adrenaline rush during the whole day, especially when you land a...

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Brooke Voigt

Everyone has that one thing in life that they want more than anything. It’s what drives them and motivates them every single day. What’s your thing? I don’t really want something out of it, I really just feel like I have so much I haven't done and accomplished yet. I know I’m capable of more and that’s what drives me.   Photo: Tyler Ashbee   What has been your biggest obstacle...

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Marianne Leeson

How did you get into snowboarding? Marianne Leeson: I grew up in a skiing family, and it was a big part of my entire childhood. My eldest sister wanted to get into ski racing, and of course I wanted to do everything my sisters did, so I followed in her footsteps. I started skiing when I was 2 in my parents backyard, and when I turned...

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Jenna Blasman

Why do snowboard? I snowboard because it lets me find joy in challenging myself every day. I also couldn’t live without constantly being surrounded by mountains- it’s very humbling.     Photos: Tyler Ashbee   What's the best part of 'living the life' of a pro snowboarder? Travelling the world is the best thing ever! I am so grateful to get to push myself everyday and reach new limits while soaking in...

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